"Have Multiple Retirement Accounts? Use Them in This Order"

Barron's, March 2019

The timing of withdrawals and location of investments managed on a tax efficiency basis can make a big difference over time in your returns.

"The Real Cost of Owning a Mutual Fund" Forbes, April 2011

Mutual funds contain many layers of fees that can erode your investment return over time.

"Tax Savings with Defined Benefit Plans" Forbes, Oct 2018

Using tax saving vehicles are essential to build wealth in a tax efficient manner.


Annette Di Bello, being a CPA, is always thinking about taxes and ways to minimize client's tax liability. Tax planning has never been so important! The tax code has recently been reformed adding many new provisions and eliminating others. Failure to plan accordingly may result in overpayment of taxes. Don't get caught in the complicated maze of changing tax law. Remember, working with a CPA and devising a plan to minimize your tax liability is your legal right! No one is required to pay more in taxes than the law allows.