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Di Bello Financial, Inc is a boutique, fee only, fiduciary firm, specializing in working with high net worth clients


Our Approach

Here at Di Bello Financial we focus on forming long term relationships with our clients. We specialize in working with high net worth clients to fully understand their unique financial lives indepth, tailoring financial planning to each client in order to fit their needs, everything from retirement planning to tax planning, investing and legacy planning. Our touchstone approach at Di Bello Financial is to guide clients through every aspect of their financial lives.  Because we are an independent fee only financial planning firm, we never sell financial or insurance products or receive commissions or compensation from any third parties. We have always been and will always be a 100% Fiduciary firm. Being fully transparent and always putting our client's best interests ahead of our own, caring about our client's success.

Our Philosophy

Our investment philosophy lies in the fundamental principal of value investing. Our portfolios are carefully constructed with high quality, publicly traded, individual large cap dividend paying stocks, investment grade bonds and index ETFs. Creating balanced, quality, low fee and tax efficient portfolios. Portfolios are designed with downside protection to reduce risk and maximize returns while investments are chosen and allocated in such a way as to minimize taxes. All accounts are individually owned directly by clients and are held at TD Ameritrade's Custodial Institutional Division.

Our Services

  • Fee Only Fiduciary Investment Management
  • Comprehensive Financial Planning
  • Tax Planning & Preparation

Our Founder

Annette Di Bello, CPA, CFP®

Annette, the firm's founder and CEO, brings over 30 years of cumulative experience and holds two of the top three coveted financial designations: CPA & CFP®. This unique combination of education and expertise makes her an expert in the field, giving her a superior perspective in the financial industry to help clients with advising for effective tax efficiency and planning. With expertise in financial, tax planning and investment management. Creating an efficient coalition between all aspects of clients financial lives. Annette must complete 80 hours of continuing education every two years.  She attends the top financial conferences in order to obtain the most relevant and updated education available. Visit the About Us drop down menu for additional Bio information.

Fee Only vs. Fee Based


We are a 100% fiduciary adhering to the highest standard of a CPA. A fiduciary is someone who is legally bound to act in your best interest. Not to be confused with suitability, which is the standard fee based brokers adhere to. This suitability standard does not require the advisor to put the client's needs first but who's duty of loyalty is to the brokerage firm the advisor works for. Furthermore, 85% of the 80,000 CFPs work for brokers and are therefore not considered a fiduciary. We are in the 15% of CFPs that are true fee only and therefore 100% fiduciary.


We do not receive any commissions. As a "Fee Only" Independent Registered Investment Advisor firm, all our compensation comes directly from the client. We have no affiliation with any broker, insurance or fund company. Not to be confused with "Fee Based" who charge a fee and act as a fiduciary on some accounts and receive commissions from brokers, fund and insurance companies on other accounts. As a fee only advisor, there are no hidden fees, no third party bonuses or compensation, no sales of any kind of any financial or insurance products. This allows us to be unbiased in selecting investments, thus creating high quality, low fee and fully transparent portfolios.

Di Bello Financial is a 100% True Fiduciary

There are approximately 310,000 "financial advisors" in the USA. Of that, 31,000 are Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), and only 5,000 of the RIAs that are true fiduciaries, representing just 1.6% of all advisors. 

Di Bello Financial is a true fiduciary representing 1.6% of all advisors

The average mutual fund has up to 4.17% in expense incl. taxes & fees. They are also very tax inefficient and can generate taxes whether you earn a return or not.  

Di Bello Financial does not use mutual funds 

"The Real Cost of Owning a Mutual Fund" Forbes, April 2011


Annette Di Bello, being a CPA, is always thinking about taxes and ways to minimize client's tax liability. Tax planning has never been so important! The tax code has recently been reformed adding many new provisions and eliminating others. Failure to plan accordingly may result in overpayment of taxes. Don't get caught in the complicated maze of changing tax law. Remember, working with a CPA and devising a plan to minimize your tax liability is your legal right! No one is required to pay more in taxes than the law allows.

Why CPAs are well positioned as financial planners

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