Investment Management

Portfolio design and management on a fee only fiduciary basis with an emphasis on tax efficiency. Portfolios are constructed in house, after careful research and consist of about 50-60 high quality, publicly traded, large cap dividend paying stocks. Bonds are selected individually consisting of corporate, municipal & government investment grade. The portfolios are further diversified with about 10-12 low fee index ETFs.  All investment choices and allocations are customized to the individual client's risk tolerance. We provide monthly and quarterly performance reports and check in with our clients frequently. The firm also offers quality, low cost 401k plans for small businesses.  

Financial Planning

Financial Planning and Retirement Planning is a process that starts with examining your current financial situation. This initial step entails gathering all your financial information and compiling  it into a report that groups your assets, liabilities and net worth.  From this starting point, you can begin the process of analyzing and developing a plan to improve your finances and prepare for your retirement.  There are many aspects to financial planning. Such as: Investments, Taxes, Retirement, Insurance and Estate Planning. All of these pieces fit together to form a comprehensive picture of where you are today and how you will reach your goals. Keeping clients goals at the forefront and helping them understand how they can reduce their taxes and get the most from their investments is the firm's mission.  (Offered to Investment Management Clients Only)  

Tax Planning & Preparation

Tax Planning services for future life events and changes in tax law. Staying on top of the tax implications of regulatory changes and life events can result in tax savings.  (Offered to Investment Management Clients Only)  

"The stock market is a device for transferring money from the impatient to the patient". Warren Buffett